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Love List No. 2 - 2.10.19


Whew! This week flew by. I had an eventful work week and I was really looking forward to the weekend! This week the love list is longer because so many things caught my attention.

Seth Meyer’s Manhattan Duplex in Architectural Digest

I don’t love this home, but I can appreciate some of the interesting furniture pieces and the black kitchen (I am writing an ode to black post soon). I mean check out the floating burl wood console outside the office. Love! See the entire house tour here. Make sure to check out the custom dining table when you click the link. Let’s just say, it’s a yes!


Unexpected Marble

We did a walkthrough of a new project and came across this insane marble in one of the bathrooms. It was so unexpected and the colors are amazing. It could definitely be used today for the right space.

Unexpected Marble

Gordon Shadrach

I discovered Gordon Shadrach via Aphrochic’s instagram and I fell in love. His work is reminiscent of Kehinde Wiley, but it has a moodier vibe. I also can’t get enough of the antique frames. It takes his work to the next level.

Screen Shot 2019-02-09 at 1.15.01 AM.png
Screen Shot 2019-02-09 at 1.16.35 AM.png


I pinned a picture (the first picture below) of Sade recently and then a bunch of Sade images showed up on my feed. I ended up falling into an internet wormhole of Sade pictures, videos, and music. She’s so beautiful and talented!

( Source )
She’s the  queen  of the chunky gold hoop! I have a smaller pair that I love. ( Source )

She’s the queen of the chunky gold hoop! I have a smaller pair that I love. (Source)

See here are those hoops again. This is  hands down  my favorite picture of Sade. ( Source )

See here are those hoops again. This is hands down my favorite picture of Sade. (Source)

Lion Babe

I’ve been into Lion Babe since I heard Treat Me Like Fire and their album and collab with Childish Gambino sealed the deal. They’ve released new music recently and I am really feeling Get Into the Party Life. Check it out below.

Spanish Colonial Villa in Cartagena

This 16th Century Colonial Spanish Villa ,owned by fashion designer Johanna Ortiz, is a Cartagena, Colombia beauty. I love the entry, the floors, and the salon. The salon features a stunning hand-painted mural by an artist ,Eloin Riviera, from Cali, Colombia. Whenever I purchase a house, I want a sunroom so that I can design a similar room. I may not be able to hire a muralist, but there are plenty of mural wallpapers available.


Wall Hangings

I’m kinda obsessed with wall hangings right now. We installed a CC Tapis tapestry at a hotel project for work and it is beautiful. Since then I’ve a found a few other wall hangings.

Hello Sonia!  by Studiopepe for CC Tapis

Hello Sonia! by Studiopepe for CC Tapis

Rust Weaving  by Camp Provisions

Rust Weaving by Camp Provisions

Half Moon Mirror  - The Future Perfect

Half Moon Mirror - The Future Perfect

See I told you I had a lot of loves this week. Tell me what you are loving in the comments!

Love List No. 1 - 2.3.19


Whew! It has been a long time folks. I was so inspired by this post by Shavonda over at SG Style that I decided to work on a blog post. I’m not even sure if I still have readers, but it should be fun to get started again!

I find that my job doesn’t allow me to express myself the way I would really like to. Don’t get me wrong, I love my job and interior design, but ultimately when you work for someone else, you are working on their vision. I think blogging again will keep my creative juices flowing.

Now on to this post! I wanted to create a series to share a list of the things that brought me joy for the week. Hence, Love List!

Quirky Upholstered Wall Panels


When I saw this room while scrolling Pinterest, I couldn’t have clicked it fast enough. I absolutely love this wall treatment. I would love to do something similar for a client one day. Ugh it is so beautiful! It looks like these are wall panels upholstered in linen and then the shapes were upholstered in the same linen and applied to the panels. Check out the post on Sight Unseen.

Marie Cox The Real Raleigh I Suwannee

I’ve been following Mare (@phreckles) on Instagram for quite awhile now. I actually have no idea how I found her, but I love her style and she’s a fellow taurus so I knew I would love her. I also loved see her posts about her home and latest decor purchases. So when I saw her post about the house tour, I knew it would be good. I wasn’t disappointed at all. Check it out here

Lucky Daye

If you know me, you know I love music and you know I love discovering new artist. Recently, I’ve been loving this artist Lucky Daye. His songs Roll Some Mo, Concentrate, and Karma are my favs. Listen below.

Vintage Diana Ross Record

I purchased this Diana Ross record from EBAY a couple months ago and I still love it some much. It is such a vibe! I’ve been thinking about getting it framed, but for now I like this leaning situation on my desk.

Sentrell-Desk-Diana Ross

Amber Interiors Floral Tile Shower


The entire situation behind why we never saw this project from Amber sucks, but this shower is aaaammazing! I mean look at the tile, the windows and shower door, and the unlacquered brass shower head/hand shower situation. This is so good and reminds me why I love Amber’s work. She’s consistent, but always has these really cool moments in her projects.

Sarah Ellison Design Studio

I spotted Sarah Ellison’s work on SF Girl by the Bay and I fell in love with her ceramic tiles, warm mirrors, and white stoneware. Check her styling work and shop here.


That’s a wrap folks! Tell me what you are loving this week in the comments.  

Mood Board No. 1


Happy Monday! Can you believe we are 4 days from July?!

Anyway, I'm back and I'm happy to share another mood board! I call her Eclectic Chic. I recently created a color inspiration board on Pinterest and I noticed a trend of greens, pinks, and blues. I'm not necessarily sure why I am attracted to this color palette, but I can't get enough of it. I especially love the green. When I saw the the picture of Tracee Ellis Ross (upper left corner) on Instagram, I knew she would be the perfect finishing touch. She's so fly! 

I'm finally settled into life after graduation and I plan to get back to this blogging thing. I will try to post 2 times a week and increase once I get a groove going. If you are still here after my crazy long hiatus, I really appreciate it. If this is your first time reading this blog, welcome and check out my past posts. 

Monday Moodboard No. 2


I had this crazy obsession with Andre 3000's The Love Below in high school. So when i saw the first image below, it immediately made me thing of Pink and Blue. 

Pretty pink, baby blue
Why don't you teach me something new
We're all just babies in my view
So crawl baby
Crawl baby

As much as I am not a fan of pink, when you combine it with blue something magical happens.


Monday Moodboard No. 1


If you haven't listened to Solange's A Seat at the Table by now, you are definitely missing out on a beautifully curated piece of art. It is sonically and visually so so so amazing. I used the album as inspiration for this mood board. I wanted the images to collectively feel beautiful, warm and unrestrained. I love the final product!