9 Must-Try Tips for Decorating with Your Significant Other

Moving in with that special someone? Confused on what direction to take the design of your new home together? Decorating as a couple can be hard, but don’t fret…I’ve got you covered!

Believe me, nothing irks me more than when I see a home that reflects only one person in a relationship. It baffles me and there’s always someone who feels a little uncomfortable.


Why not try to satisfy one another’s preferences? Moving in together should be fun and finding a happy balance will make it even more enjoyable! Here are my:

9 Must-Try Tips for Decorating as a Couple

Tip #1: Choose Masculine Furniture and Feminine Accessories or Vice Versa

Using furniture items that are masculine or feminine can be balanced out by accessorizing with the opposite. Masculine is usually very clean, minimal and sometimes achromatic. Think New York City bachelor pad. Feminine is just the opposite. Furniture pieces are usually curvy and have lots of details. Emily Henderson does a great job of explaining it on HGTV.com.

Tip #2: Find A Gender Neutral Color That You Both Love

Gender Neutral is not really a thing unless you are talking about babies, nurseries, etc. It’s basically whatever color you and S.O. can agree upon. I suggest accessorizing with this color therefore if you ever get tired of it, it’s easy to change it out. Paint is easy to change as well. Feature walls are always a good option to test out a color before painting an entire room.

Tip #3: Compromise On Shared Spaces

The living room and the bedroom are the areas where you will spending lots of time together. These areas are where you should focus most of your design energy. This is where you find that happy balance. You give a little and take a little. Your pink couch might not work in the living room and his vintage playboy posters might not work in the bedroom. Maybe you can decide on a velvet navy couch and abstract nude paintings in the bedroom. You see where I’m going here? Compromise. Check out these spaces: Jessica Marx Living RoomEmily of Cupcakes and Cashmere Living Room designed by the fab Amber Lewis and the bedroom in this Modern Farmhouse.

Tip #4: Display Art That You Both Love in Coordinating Frames

Art is a weakness for me. I love a good abstract piece! Art gives any home personality. It gives spaces that extra oomph and helps carry the eye around. Having different art preferences is not a problem. Framing art prints in coordinating frames can give art a cohesive appeal. Canvas paintings are a good idea too. They are frameless and can coordinate if pairs of various sizes are used. Here’s a tutorial for planning a Gallery Wall and Frame & Matted is highly recommended by fellow bloggers. Art.comMintedSociety 6 and Etsy are great places to find affordable art. 

Tip #5: Do A DIY Project Together

DIY (Do-It-Yourself) projects are fun and can bring you and your SO closer together. Pick up the book Young House Love. There are so many great and do-able projects that can be done around your home. Here are two great DIY project from The Brick House: This shelving unit is a great weekend project and this bench is a great Saturday project. The piece/item automatically gains sentimental value because you worked on it together.

Tip #6: Talk Before Making Big Purchases

Any time that I find a piece of furniture I really love, I always either call, Facetime or send pictures to my boyfriend. These decisions should be made together, especially if it’s a piece that will be prominent or in a shared space. Not only are you showing respect for your partner but you are also showing that their opinion matters.  Now, of course, there are exceptions to this rule…if it’s a great deal or a great vintage piece you can’t pass on, go for it! If you buy something and your S.O. doesn’t like it, Craigslist and/or consignment are always an option. Recently, a mango wood console caught my eye and I sent my boyfriend pictures before I purchased it. We both love it!

Tip #7: Paint/Refurbish/Reupholster Pieces with Good Bones

You may have a couch your grandmother gifted you or you may have a large wood console your parent’s had in storage. If they have good bones, these pieces can be cleaned up and made current. Sofas can be reupholstered. Dressers can be painted and hardware can be replaced. Take an inventory of what each of you have and consider refreshing them for your new home together. Spruce is a good upholstery book to check out.

Tip #8: Create Separate Spaces For Both of You

This tip really only applies to those with a home larger than 2 bedrooms and/or with a lot of square footage. Separate spaces that are solely used by one person can be a great way to do whatever you want.Man caves, offices, craft rooms and basements are examples of these types of spaces. I love a good workspace because they are hubs for ideas and creativity so they space should reflect that! Man Caves are really popular as well. These separate spaces are great ways to have a personal sanctuary designed for you, by you. Be a little selfish, it’s ok!

Tip #9: Take Your Time

This is the last tip, but it’s the most important. Patience is a virtue. This saying is very accurate when it comes to making a house a home. Don’t rush the process. Everything will not be perfect in the beginning. Make sure to woo-sah when things get difficult. The best thing to do is for you and your partner to take a step back and do something away from your home. It will give you a chance to remember why you love one another. Then revisit Tip #3.

I hope this post is helpful to all those decorating as a couple. Taking the big step of living with your significant other should be fun, so try these steps to make the process enjoyable.

Image Source: Inner Thoughts Out Loud