5 Best Ways to Add Personality to Your Home


I was scrolling Ayesha Curry's Instagram Saturday night admiring her style, cooking, and family. I thought to myself, she is just so damn likable. And although she’s beautiful, a great mom, and a great cook, it really is her personality that makes her likable. She’s funny, relatable and stylish. That Saturday night scroll led to this post. 

We all know someone with a super fly home. Everything looks good and smells good. You don’t know why, but it feels damn good to be there. I’m here to tell you, it has everything to do with the personality. It is so important to infuse personality into your space. It will take your space from blah to boss.

Best Ways to Add Personality to Your Home



Last year I took a month long trip to Europe. On the trip, I met a lot of cool people, including a girl who had to buy a shot glass in every city we went to. She collected them and wanted one to remember every city she visited. It inspired me to start my own collection. It took me three cities to think about what I wanted to collect. I finally decided on Art. In Amsterdam, I purchased an art print in this really dope shop. In Barcelona, I purchased art from this street artist from Ghana. I missed out on Ireland, Belgium and Paris, but I now have two pieces that remind me of my travels. 

Collections tell stories of who you are, where you have been and what is important to you. This screams personality. Start a collection(s) and find cool ways to display them. You can show your collection(s) together or all over your home. 

Cool things to collect: art, books, vases, sculptures, matchbooks, bowls, trays, frames, etc. 


Bringing a natural element into you home like Plants and Flowers does something amazing. It is unexplainable. Right now, I’m obsessed with Eucalyptus and Sunflowers. Eucalyptus smells so good and Sunflowers just make me happy. Other faves are Snake Plants, Fiddle Figs, Rubber Trees, and Jade. Get some inspiration on my plants Pinterest board


A great way to add personality to your home is through textiles. There are so many options. You can use rugs, drapery, pillows, and upholstery. This is flawlessly achieved is Chiara Ferragni's living room. The upholstered chairs, brush stroke pillows and the graphic rug add so much visual interest to the room. 

Dope Shops for Textiles: Loom Decor, Furbish, Minted, Lulu and Georgia, Rugs by Gur, RugsUSA, StudioPillows 


Nothing is more boring than a match-y furniture set. A great way to elevate your space is to have a variety of furniture and unique home decor. An affordable option for achieving the latter is by visiting thrift stores and estate sales. You can find great one-of-a-kind furniture and home decor. The master bedroom above has two different nightstands, a bench, and a low profile wood bed.  A nice mix that works really well together. 


I love a good pendant and wall sconce. I believe lighting can be that extra bit of oomph to make a space feel complete. It was love at first sight when I saw Dallas Shaw's dining room and the Harding chandelier from Arteriors in Rue Mag. Lighting doesn't have to be a large chandelier to make a statement. It can be a simple glass pendant like this one from West Elm or an antique brass floor lamp like this one from Aerin.  

Now, I'm sure you can agree that personality is everything when making your home uniquely yours.

Main Image Source: Domaine