5 YouTube Channels for Home Decorating Ideas

5 Youtube Channels for Home Decorating Ideas

I love a good web-series and YouTube is full of them. Recently I have discovered a few YouTube channels featuring renovations, interior design tips and tricks, and home decorating ideas. Here are my favorites! 

Emily Henderson

Emily Henderson is most known for HGTV Design Star and her amazing blog. I've been following her for a long time and I really like pretty much everything she does.


Mr. Kate

Mr. Kate's YouTube channel features a shows like OMG We Bought A House! and OMG We Are Coming Over. This show is so entertaining because every episode features some type of DIY project. The home decorating ideas are endless. Oh and Kate and her husband are super funny!

Three Birds Renovations

I'm pretty much obsessed with everything Australian. My post on home decor magazines pretty much proves this. The women of Three Birds Renovations are amazing! The series follows them as they purchase, renovate and sell an dated Australian home. When you see the final reveal, you won't believe it is the same house. 



Glam/MODE has a youtube lifestyle channel with a variety of content. I really enjoy their home tours. They have a few different types of home tours like Rad Pads and Haute Havens. I really love that the home owners explain their design decisions. 

Oh Joy! 

Oh Joy! is is the brand and the blog of Joy Cho. She is literally what I would like to be when I grow up. She has a great career, a great blog, has written a few books and has worked with great brands to produce branded products. Her YouTube channels features more that just home ideas, but I'm sure you will love everything she does. Dope woman doing dope things. 

Make sure you subscribe to all of their channels. Do you watch any other YouTube channels for decorating inspiration? Let me know in the comments! 

Image Source: Homes to Love