How Interior Decorating Is Like Getting Dressed

Decorating is Like Getting Dressed

This weekend, I was getting ready for a movie date with my boyfriend. I was standing in my closet trying to figure out what I had that would go well with my Yeezy Boost 350 (I got them for my birthday!). Then I thought about the bag I would carry and the accessories I would wear to top it all off. Through this process, I realized just how much interior decorating is like getting dressed.

When selecting an outfit, we usually start with a base item like jeans, a dress or a top, then we choose shoes, accessories and we top if off with hair, make-up, and a perfume. The formula is basically the same for decorating: 

Furniture + Decor + Art + Plants + Scent = The Perfect Space 


Furniture is your base item like jeans , tops, dresses, etc. When decorating, most start with a sofa, a bed or chair. Furniture is the basic necessity of a space. It can be plain or it can have a lot of personality, but most importantly it is the starting point of the space. 


Decor is the fashion accessories of your space. Decor is comparable to your earrings, your watch, your necklace, your purse, etc.  Usually, decor really starts to add to the personality of the space. This is where you start to really tell who you are. You may be minimal or you may be bold and outspoken. Your decor tells your story


You know that lipstick you can live without? Or your staple nail polish? Yep, that’s your Art. Art can be subtle or a conversation starter. The cool thing about Art is it is usually collected over time. It tells a story or the places you've been, your family history, what you like, and what makes you happy.

Art Resources: Minted,, Tafui, Society 6, Artfully Walls, Gray Malin, The Aestate, Brooklyn Dolly, One Kings Lane, Furbish 


For some reason, plants give life to almost any space. They make spaces feel more comfortable. It is something about bringing natural elements into your home that give it instant warmth. I look at your hairstyle as the plants. People usually choose plants based on their lifestyle. Hairstyles too. There are plants that are toxic to pets. There are plants that require little waterings. There’s big plants, small plants, high maintenance plants, etc. Choose wisely my friend. 


Also known as some smell good. When I hear this phrase I always think of how the boys would speak in Nikki Giovanni's We Real Cool, but I digress. Perfume, Lotions, Body Butters, etc. = Smell Good. For your home,  you could use incense, candles, essential oils and room sprays.  

Scent Resources: Bath and Body Works, NEST, Young Living

So next time you are trying to simplify your decorating process, think about how you get dressed. Before you know it, your space will be just as fly as you!

Image Source: Kelly Rowland for The Coveteur