How to select a Quality Sofa ( + 30 Crush-Worthy Sofas for Every Budget)

Purchasing a sofa will be one of the biggest investments you make on a piece of furniture for your home. It’s best to choose wisely. Seriously, choose wisely!  

Sofa Resoure Guide: 30 Plus Sofas for Every Budget

This sofa resource guide will include sofa buying tips and sofas for every budget as well. You will learn where to buy a sofa and how to select a quality sofa. Although some of the sofas will be higher quality than others, I selected all of the sofas from reputable companies. 

How To Select A Quality Sofa 

There are five factors you should take in consideration when purchasing a new sofa:


Your sofa should be well-stuffed. You should not be able to feel the wood frame under the stuffing. A great test is to squeeze the arm of the sofa to detect whether or not the sofa is well-stuffed or not. 


Most of us spend a lot of time lounging on our sofas, therefore comfort is very important. You should always try to test a sofa before you purchase. If you are purchasing online, try to find a sofa with similar dimensions in store to test out. When testing for comfort you should consider: 

  • Angle of the Sofa Back
  • Height of the Arms
  • Cushioning Material
  • Seat Depth

These factors will most likely be based on preferences. However, I will say sofas whose seats are too deep can feel like you are drowning. I had a chance to hear Marc Thee speak once and he said, "A 42” deep sofa passes the hot date test." 


Your sofa needs to last, therefore straight stitching is super important. No one wants to spend thousands on a sofa to have stitching that has huge gaps or creates lumps. It's a waste of money and the sofa will have to be replaced, sooner than later. 


The frame of your sofa needs to be strong. It allows for sturdiness and comfort in knowing that your sofa won’t collapse under you. The frame should be/have the following: 

  • Kiln Dried Hardwood: Try to look for maple or oak. Less expensive sofa may be made with less durable woods.
  • Corner blocked: These will reinforce the frame of the sofa and disperse the weight evenly.
  • Dowels: This will let you know how the wood is joined. Double Dowels are ideal. 
  • Springs: The springs really make the difference between a comfortable seat and a not so comfortable seat. You want to look for steel springs, heavy-duty webbing and at least 9 coils under each cushion. The goal is to select a sofa with springs that bounce back after each use.  


If you are making a custom sofa, you will have the option to choose your own fabric. If you are buying an already upholstered sofa, you will take the sofa as is. It is important in both cases that you select a fabric that works for the use and the location of the sofa. In almost all cases, you should look for durable and stain resistant or easy-to-clean upholstery. Read this sofa fabric article for more information.  

Before we move on to the sofas, keep the following in mind:

  • The sofas aren’t too trendy or colorful
  • The prices do not include taxes unless noted on the linked site
  • The sofas are all on average 84” wide
  • The sofa selection is based on my own knowledge, sofas that caught my eye, reviews I’ve read, and what other designers have either blogged or raved about in some capacity. 

Alright, let's move on to the good stuff... 

Resource Guide: 30-Plus CRUSH-Worthy Sofas for Every Budget

Sofas Under $1000 and Sofas Under $1500

Sofas Under $1000

  1. Modern Gray Sofa This is an affordable West Elm favorite that I've heard nothing but good things about. I think it is a great starter sofa. 
  2. Tufted Velvet Benchseat Sofa A great starter sofa. I love the color and the cotton velvet upholstery. 
  3. Wood Base Modern Sofa A great price and a great look. 
  4. Modern Black Leg Sofa IKEA sofas are always a good option on a tight budget. Ikea has been killing it lately with their collections. I would run to your nearest IKEA and check this out. 
  5. Modern Wood Leg Sofa Another IKEA sofa that looks really great.

Sofas Under $1500

  1. Modern Metal Leg Sofa This sofa comes in three different sizes, with fabric options as well as 10+ leg options.
  2. English Three Seater Sofa I've heard nothing but good things about Society Social furniture. This sofa is a great price and the quality is high. 
  3. Mid Century Inspired Velvet Sofa I need this in a light gray or navy. 
  4. Boomerang Leg Sofa This sofa is on the trendier side but I see it maturing with you. It may work in your current apartment and then used in a home office and then perfect for a nursery. 
  5. Grey Cotton Contemporary Sofa This sofa has a contemporary and traditional vibe, so it would be perfect for both looks. 
  6. Elegant Oak Settee This not a sofa, but it can work really well for a small space and it is beautiful. 
Sofas Under $2500

Sofas Under $2500

  1. English Roll Arm Sofa This sofa has a timeless design, features two seat cushions, has an overstuffed look, and unique caster feet. 
  2. Contemporary Deep Seat Sofa  The clean lines make this a great sofa for a sophisticated look and the deep seat makes this a perfect sofa for lounging. Two for one!
  3. Small Space Tufted Sofa This is a great apartment sofa because of it's compact design. 
  4. Slipcovered Modern Sofa Slipcovered sofas are always a good idea especially a modern take. 
  5. Mid Century Inspired Leather Sofa I saw this sofa in this living room and knew I had to include it on this list. 
  6. Oak Base Three Seat Sofa I'm really feeling wood base sofas. This one is a good look. 
  7. Modern 1950s Sofa This sofa is long and features a lot of upholstery options. The low tufted back and the arms make this sofa a winner for me. 
  8. Nailhead Square Arm Sofa I've always had an obsession with nailhead furniture. This sofa does it right. 
  9. Roll Arm Slipcovered Sofa You really can't go wrong with a Pottery Barn slipcovered sofa. 
  10. Tufted Camelback Sofa The story that goes with the design of this sofa makes it really cool. I wouldn't mind this in my future home office. 
  11. Oak Louis XV Style Sofa This solid oak frame sofa is a classic. 
  12. Tufted Brass Nailhead Sofa A more affordable chesterfield with nailhead details. 
  13. Curved Arm Lounge Sofa This sofa looks so comfortable and the upholstery has a nice muted texture. 
sofas under $5000 and $5000 plus

Sofas Under $5000

  1. Modern Lounge Sofa Visually stunning modern sofa with a low profile. This is the perfect bachelor pad sofa.
  2. Chesterfield Leather Sofa I've always wanted a chesterfield. I currently don't have a room to put it in, but one day this baby will be in my home. 
  3. European Inspired Slipcovered Sofa I've seen this beauty installed and the quality is superior. For this price point, I wouldn't expect anything less. This sofa has so many options and you'll probably have it forever. 
  4. Plush Modern Sofa Bachelor pad approved or nah? This sofa has a bunch of custom options and you can even ship them your own material aka COM (customer own material). 
  5. Chesterfield Fabric Sofa I can't decide between a leather chesterfield and a fabric chesterfield. So I decided I want both. This one has a bunch of custom options just like the one above. 

Sofas $5000+

  1. Steel Base Upholstered Sofa I absolutely love the steel base on this sofa. It's unexpected and soooo good. 
  2. Long Sustainable Sofa This sofa is 108" long and midnight blue. Enough. Said. 

I hope this is helpful. I will try my best to keep this post updated. All of the sofas featured in this post are on my Resource Guide: Sofas Pinterest board as well. 

What do you look for in a sofa and where did you purchase your current sofa from? Tell me in the comments. 

Image Source: Style Files Photography: Prue Ruscoe