My Love Affair with Cement Tiles

Cement tiles is a trend that is so stylish, it should never ever go away. I just love them, ok ( insert boy-crazy teenage girl voice). I have vowed to use them in my future home in at least one space.

Storytime! (It's short. I promise) My love affair with cement tiles officially began back in 2014 when I saw Christine Dovey's bathroom makeover. 

Christine Dovey Bathroom Makeover Reveal

At the time I was working on a retail store for school and my concept was centered around Brazil. Through research I found that pattern and tiles were a big part of design in Brazil. I was looking for a material I could use to bring pattern into my design. I was casually reading Christine's blog when I saw the cement tiles she sourced. I had so many questions and I needed to find the tiles asap. I ordered a sample from Cement Tile Shop and used the exact tile in my project. You can see the the entire project here

Fast forward to 2015. I took a trip to Cabo San Lucas and stayed at The Cape where cement tiles were everywhere. I mean, everywhere

I have many more pictures, but then this post would be a mile long. Anyway, our concierge told us they spent twenty-percent of their budget on hand-painted cement tiles. Yes, seriously! I totally get it though. 

9 Times Cement Tiles Were Done (Better Than) Right

Gracias Madre

So good! If you love this, then I suggest you follow the #ihavethisthingwithfloors Instagram feed. Inspiration overload. The tiles are not all cement tiles, but it is definitely a fun feed to follow.