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5 Best Ways to Add Personality to Your Home



I was scrolling Ayesha Curry's Instagram Saturday night admiring her style, cooking, and family. I thought to myself, she is just so damn likable. And although she’s beautiful, a great mom, and a great cook, it really is her personality that makes her likable. She’s funny, relatable and stylish. That Saturday night scroll led to this post. 

We all know someone with a super fly home. Everything looks good and smells good. You don’t know why, but it feels damn good to be there. I’m here to tell you, it has everything to do with the personality. It is so important to infuse personality into your space. It will take your space from blah to boss.

Best Ways to Add Personality to Your Home



Last year I took a month long trip to Europe. On the trip, I met a lot of cool people, including a girl who had to buy a shot glass in every city we went to. She collected them and wanted one to remember every city she visited. It inspired me to start my own collection. It took me three cities to think about what I wanted to collect. I finally decided on Art. In Amsterdam, I purchased an art print in this really dope shop. In Barcelona, I purchased art from this street artist from Ghana. I missed out on Ireland, Belgium and Paris, but I now have two pieces that remind me of my travels. 

Collections tell stories of who you are, where you have been and what is important to you. This screams personality. Start a collection(s) and find cool ways to display them. You can show your collection(s) together or all over your home. 

Cool things to collect: art, books, vases, sculptures, matchbooks, bowls, trays, frames, etc. 


Bringing a natural element into you home like Plants and Flowers does something amazing. It is unexplainable. Right now, I’m obsessed with Eucalyptus and Sunflowers. Eucalyptus smells so good and Sunflowers just make me happy. Other faves are Snake Plants, Fiddle Figs, Rubber Trees, and Jade. Get some inspiration on my plants Pinterest board


A great way to add personality to your home is through textiles. There are so many options. You can use rugs, drapery, pillows, and upholstery. This is flawlessly achieved is Chiara Ferragni's living room. The upholstered chairs, brush stroke pillows and the graphic rug add so much visual interest to the room. 

Dope Shops for Textiles: Loom Decor, Furbish, Minted, Lulu and Georgia, Rugs by Gur, RugsUSA, StudioPillows 


Nothing is more boring than a matchy furniture set. A great way to elevate your space is to have a variety of furniture and unique home decor. An affordable option for achieving the latter is by visiting thrift stores and estate sales. You can find great one-of-a-kind furniture and home decor. The master bedroom above has two different nightstands, a bench, and an upholstered bed.  A nice mix that works really well together. 


I love a good pendant and wall sconce. I believe lighting can be that extra bit of oomph to make a space feel complete. It was love at first sight when I saw Dallas Shaw's dining room and the Harding chandelier from Arteriors in Rue Mag. Lighting doesn't have to be a large chandelier to make a statement. It can be a simple glass pendant like this one from West Elm or an antique brass floor lamp like this one from Aerin.  

Now, I'm sure you can agree that personality is everything when making your home uniquely yours.

Main Image Source: Domaine

5 YouTube Channels for Home Decorating Ideas

5 Youtube Channels for Home Decorating Ideas

I love a good web-series and YouTube is full of them. Recently I have discovered a few YouTube channels featuring renovations, interior design tips and tricks, and home decorating ideas. Here are my favorites! 

Emily Henderson

Emily Henderson is most known for HGTV Design Star and her amazing blog. I've been following her for a long time and I really like pretty much everything she does.


Mr. Kate

Mr. Kate's YouTube channel features a shows like OMG We Bought A House! and OMG We Are Coming Over. This show is so entertaining because every episode features some type of DIY project. The home decorating ideas are endless. Oh and Kate and her husband are super funny!

Three Birds Renovations

I'm pretty much obsessed with everything Australian. My post on home decor magazines pretty much proves this. The women of Three Birds Renovations are amazing! The series follows them as they purchase, renovate and sell an dated Australian home. When you see the final reveal, you won't believe it is the same house. 



Glam/MODE has a youtube lifestyle channel with a variety of content. I really enjoy their home tours. They have a few different types of home tours like Rad Pads and Haute Havens. I really love that the home owners explain their design decisions. 

Oh Joy! 

Oh Joy! is is the brand and the blog of Joy Cho. She is literally what I would like to be when I grow up. She has a great career, a great blog, has written a few books and has worked with great brands to produce branded products. Her YouTube channels features more that just home ideas, but I'm sure you will love everything she does. Dope woman doing dope things. 

Make sure you subscribe to all of their channels. Do you watch any other YouTube channels for decorating inspiration? Let me know in the comments! 

Image Source: Homes to Love

How Interior Decorating Is Like Getting Dressed


Decorating is Like Getting Dressed

This weekend, I was getting ready for a movie date with my boyfriend. I was standing in my closet trying to figure out what I had that would go well with my Yeezy Boost 350 (I got them for my birthday!). Then I thought about the bag I would carry and the accessories I would wear to top it all off. Through this process, I realized just how much interior decorating is like getting dressed.

When selecting an outfit, we usually start with a base item like jeans, a dress or a top, then we choose shoes, accessories and we top if off with hair, make-up, and a perfume. The formula is basically the same for decorating: 

Furniture + Decor + Art + Plants + Scent = The Perfect Space 


Furniture is your base item like jeans , tops, dresses, etc. When decorating, most start with a sofa, a bed or chair. Furniture is the basic necessity of a space. It can be plain or it can have a lot of personality, but most importantly it is the starting point of the space. 


Decor is the fashion accessories of your space. Decor is comparable to your earrings, your watch, your necklace, your purse, etc.  Usually, decor really starts to add to the personality of the space. This is where you start to really tell who you are. You may be minimal or you may be bold and outspoken. Your decor tells your story


You know that lipstick you can live without? Or your staple nail polish? Yep, that’s your Art. Art can be subtle or a conversation starter. The cool thing about Art is it is usually collected over time. It tells a story or the places you've been, your family history, what you like, and what makes you happy.

Art Resources: Minted,, Tafui, Society 6, Artfully Walls, Gray Malin, The Aestate, Brooklyn Dolly, One Kings Lane, Furbish 


For some reason, plants give life to almost any space. They make spaces feel more comfortable. It is something about bringing natural elements into your home that give it instant warmth. I look at your hairstyle as the plants. People usually choose plants based on their lifestyle. Hairstyles too. There are plants that are toxic to pets. There are plants that require little waterings. There’s big plants, small plants, high maintenance plants, etc. Choose wisely my friend. 


Also known as some smell good. When I hear this phrase I always think of how the boys would speak in Nikki Giovanni's We Real Cool, but I digress. Perfume, Lotions, Body Butters, etc. = Smell Good. For your home,  you could use incense, candles, essential oils and room sprays.  

Scent Resources: Bath and Body Works, NEST, Young Living

So next time you are trying to simplify your decorating process, think about how you get dressed. Before you know it, your space will be just as fly as you!

Image Source: Kelly Rowland for The Coveteur

The One Place You Should Visit for Interior Decorating Inspiration

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Hotels Interior Decorating Inspiration

I designed a boutique hotel for my thesis project, but before I actually started working on the design I did a lot of research. Let’s just say hotels are #killingit right now. No longer are homes inspiring hotels. Now, hotels are inspiring homes. 

1Hotel South Beach Lounge 

1Hotel South Beach Lounge 

Hoteliers, marketers, developers, architects and interior designers are working together to develop very targeted hotels. These hotels are marketed to specific types of people. The 1Hotel South Beach for instance specifically targets eco-conscious luxury travelers. This is a very specific group of people, but we all know niche marketing is usually more successful because everything can't be for everyone. People are different. Different people expect different things and they want to be catered to differently as well. Knowing this, lifestyle and boutique hotels have grown significantly by catering to specific groups of people. 

You may be wondering what this has to do with your home. It has everything to do with your home. Think about it. Hotels are targeting specific types of people so that means everything from their logos to the sheets on the beds in the hotel rooms to the drinks served in the lobby lounge are catered to a target market. Hotels are literally live-in showrooms to give you inspiration for your home.  

"Hotels script experiences for their guests. You should be scripting an experience for yourself at home." 

Hotels want guests to have great experiences from the time they walk in the door. This means scent, music selection, employee uniforms, lighting, etc. are all considered. You also want to consider these things in your home. 

The Cape Cabo San Lucas King Room Bar 

The Cape Cabo San Lucas King Room Bar 

There are several ways that you can experience numerous hotels. For all options, I suggest you do the following:

  • Choose hotels that fit your aesthetic. If you don't know your design style yet, then explore all hotels that catch your eye.  
  • Take a lot pictures and notes. You don't want to forget any details that stand out to you.
  • Make sure to pay attention to how you feel in each space. This is a major 🔑 *DJ Khaled voice*.
The Cape Cabo San Lucas Seating Area

The Cape Cabo San Lucas Seating Area

Vacations and Staycations

These options are the most expensive, but they give you the most authentic experience. I recently stayed at the Miami Viceroy for my anniversary. Prior to that I stayed at the The Cape in Cabo San Lucas. I was inspired by The Cape the most because it matches my design aesthetic, but I enjoyed both hotels.  


Hotels give tours for many reasons. The most common is for events and weddings. This is a sneaky way to get a look at an hotel, but you wont necessarily get in "trouble". You can also take pictures and ask a lot of questions. You may even be able to get sources as well. For my thesis project, my group and I were given a really great tour of the 1Hotel South Beach. We were able to ask a lot of questions. We even got info on the furniture, art and wood used throughout. 

1Hotel South Beach Driftwood Chair

1Hotel South Beach Driftwood Chair

Day passes

The Standard Hotel here in Miami has day passes for their spa. I think it's about $75. Day Passes give you access to the semi-private spaces of the hotel. These are the areas that are off limits to the public. By the way, The Standard Hotel Miami Beach is really cool. It gives me hipster holistic summer camp vibes. I absolutely love it. 

Lobby Lounge/Bar

The Cape Cabo San Lucas Ledge Buffet

The Cape Cabo San Lucas Ledge Buffet

Lobby Lounges give a great overview of a hotel. They kinda tell you what to expect throughout the entire hotel. They give you a glimpse at the decor, the ambiance, the people, etc. You can look at the layout of the furniture, the lighting, the textures, the fabrics, etc. Really use all 5 senses and take note of how you feel. 


Hotel restaurants are also a great way to experience a hotel. In boutique and lifestyle hotels, the restaurants usually match the aesthetic of hotel. 

Boutique and Lifestyle Hotels for Interior Decorating Inspiration

The Cape Cabo San Lucas King Room Copper Tub

The Cape Cabo San Lucas King Room Copper Tub

Below I have listed a few hotels for interior decorating inspiration. They vary by size, style, costs, etc. 

Viceroy Anguilla

The Line Hotel

Ace Hotel New Orleans

Ace Hotel Los Angeles

Ace Hotel Palm Springs

1Hotel - South Beach

1Hotel - Central Park

The Cape - Cabo San Lucas

The Palihouse - Santa Monica and West Hollywood

The Standard Miami Beach

The Covell

Faena - Miami Beach 

Nylo - Dallas South Side

The Joule Dallas

 The W - Buckhead 

The W - South Beach 

The Edition Miami Beach

The Edition London 

The Beverly Hills Hotel

Crosby Street Hotel - NYC

Gramercy Park Hotel - NYC

The Bowery - NYC

The Greenwich - NYC

The Mark - NYC

What are you favorite hotels? Have you ever used Hotel design to inspire your home? Tell me in the comments!

Parineeti Chopra's Mumbai Home


I love reading magazines from other countries, so when I stumbled across Bollywood actress Parineeti Chopra's home in Architectural Digest India May/June 2016, I knew I had to share it. Parineeti's home has so many intentional personal touches. This makes it a #winner in my book. My favorite feature is the storybook wall in the first picture. It features the covers of books from her childhood. Dope.

I love the vintage telephone wall display above the credenza and the swing on her balcony. The den built-ins provide so much storage and a cool way to display all of her unique pieces. 

I'm such of a fan of her space. It feels like it could only be for her. I've always felt that a design project is most successful when it reflects the client 100 percent.  

You can view the entire issue and the interview on Issuu. I also found a behind the scenes video on Architectural Digest India. Parineeti provides more insight on her home. Check it out below.  

10 Little-Known Magazines You Need to Know for Decorating and Lifestyle Inspiration


Reading magazines will never get old for me. Whether they are digital or physical, I love magazines. I’m always on the hunt to find magazines that are producing fresh content. Here are my favorite little-known magazines for decorating and lifestyle inspiration:  

I’ve seen Kinfolk many times around the blogosphere and on the cool kids' Instagram flat lays, but I didn’t purchase an issue until recently. Now I’m wondering why I took so long. It’s so good. Get the latest issue here

Majestic Disorder

This magazine hails from the UK. I purchased an issue after seeing it on my Instagram feed and falling in love with the cover.

Rue Mag

Rue Mag is a well known digital magazine as well as a daily website. It mainly focuses on decorating, home tours, creative entrepreneurs, and entertaining. I really love that their content focuses on real people and isn’t too celeb-focused. Their magazine layout is super clean and modern. I always find that I am discovering new-to-me talent via Rue.

Style at Home 

I discovered this Canadian interior design magazine on Christine Dovey's blog. I fell in love after seeing this kitchen in one of their issues. You can subscribe here or purchase individual issues here.


I'm sad see this magazine isn't digital anymore, but I'm happy to see that they have grown to a printed publication. Adore magazine is one of my favorite magazines. Founded in Australia, this magazine is so fresh. The home tours are gorgeous and the content is refreshing. You can subscribe here. I'm sure if you do a google search, you could find their old digital issues. 


Another Australian interior design and home decor magazine. The print subscription is pricey. The digital subscription is your best bet. This magazine is a hybrid of Elle Decor and Architectural Digest. 

Est. Magazine

Australians are killing the interior design magazine game. This is another gem that I absolutely love. They describe their magazine as "global living with an Australian twist" which is completely accurate. Oh and it is free. Yes. Free.  

Minty Magazine

Minty isn't your typical lifestyle and interiors magazine. It's solely focused on babies and kids! I discovered Minty not too long ago and I love it. I'm not a mom, but I can appreciate this magazine. Kid interiors?! Yes, please! Oh and this is another Australian magazine that is completely free. 

Darling Magazine

I haven't gotten my hands on this magazine yet, but once I do something tells me I wont be disappointed. What really stood out to me about this magazine was their mission


I can't wait for the first issue of Hannah Magazine. Their Kickstarter campaign was fully funded and the magazine should be available in the Fall. It will be a hardcover bi-annual lifestyle magazine for black women. See the Kickstarter campaign to learn more about the magazine. 

My Love Affair with Cement Tiles


Cement tiles is a trend that is so stylish, it should never ever go away. I just love them, ok ( insert boy-crazy teenage girl voice). I have vowed to use them in my future home in at least one space.

Storytime! (It's short. I promise) My love affair with cement tiles officially began back in 2014 when I saw Christine Dovey's bathroom makeover. 

Christine Dovey Bathroom Makeover Reveal

At the time I was working on a retail store for school and my concept was centered around Brazil. Through research I found that pattern and tiles were a big part of design in Brazil. I was looking for a material I could use to bring pattern into my design. I was casually reading Christine's blog when I saw the cement tiles she sourced. I had so many questions and I needed to find the tiles asap. I ordered a sample from Cement Tile Shop and used the exact tile in my project. You can see the the entire project here

Fast forward to 2015. I took a trip to Cabo San Lucas and stayed at The Cape where cement tiles were everywhere. I mean, everywhere

I have many more pictures, but then this post would be a mile long. Anyway, our concierge told us they spent twenty-percent of their budget on hand-painted cement tiles. Yes, seriously! I totally get it though. 

9 Times Cement Tiles Were Done (Better Than) Right

Gracias Madre

So good! If you love this, then I suggest you follow the #ihavethisthingwithfloors Instagram feed. Inspiration overload. The tiles are not all cement tiles, but it is definitely a fun feed to follow.